Northside Infrastructure Replacement, City of Kandiyohi, Minnesota
A flow monitoring study was completed to determine the areas of highest I&I concentration.

Northside Infrastructure Replacement

City of Kandiyohi, Minnesota

The City of Kandiyohi pays for all wastewater pumped since decommissioning their wastewater treatment plant in 2010. The city realized the level of inflow and infiltration (I&I) was very high and not sustainable. The city authorized a flow monitoring study to determine the areas of highest I&I concentration. Once the area was established, the city then authorized televising of the mains to eliminate areas not contributing to the I&I. In addition to sewer concerns, the water distribution system was experiencing two to four watermain breaks annually. The stormwater system was the final utility improved to eliminate localized flooding concerns. Grants and loans from the Public Facilities Authority were successfully obtained which helped fund a majority of this project.

The studies and televising helped to design a cost-effective project to eliminate the greatest amount of I&I. In addition, the aged and deteriorated watermain pipe was replaced and localized flooding eliminated. This project was successfully completed in conjunction with Kandiyohi County due to reconstructing CR 8 and their regulation of wastewater flows to Glacial Lakes Sanitary Sewer and Water District.