Airport Master Plan, City of Hawley, Minnesota
The Master Plan helped build the supporting documentation required by the FAA to fund proposed development at the airport.

Airport Master Plan

City of Hawley, Minnesota

The Hawley Municipal Airport, located in the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area, has experienced an increase in population of 1.6 percent per year over the last few years. This growth led to an increase in the need for services and facilities at the Hawley Municipal Airport. Bolton & Menk completed a comprehensive analysis of population trends in the Metropolitan statistical area. In addition, nine new businesses had located within the City of Hawley by the end of 2014 as a result of the work in the Bakken region in western North Dakota. Bolton & Menk analyzed the economic impacts including employment, income, and population trends within the city and county due to increased businesses in the area. The information was used to understand the potential increase in usage at the airport to meet the existing, near-term, and future needs of both the business and recreational users in the area.