Minnecon Park, City of New Ulm, Minnesota
The city relied on Bolton & Menk to navigate through myriad state and federal regulations involved with bringing this project to fruition.

Minnecon Park

City of New Ulm, Minnesota

Minnecon Park in the City of New Ulm has long been a favorite spot to enjoy the natural amenities the river has to offer. However, there were drawbacks to the park including a silty parking lot that was difficult to traverse during wet times and a boat launch that filled in with sand and silt from regular flooding. The deposit rendered the boat launch unusable, except for when river elevation was high.

Economic solutions were developed that would revitalize the degraded park. The park was arranged and designed to maximize parking and promote ease-of-maneuverability of vehicles with and without boat trailers, all while minimizing the impacts to the surrounding environmentally sensitive wetlands and Minnesota River. The parking lot was mostly sloped away from the river to reduce water pollution by directing stormwater into a small pond that prevents sediments from leaving the site.

Today, the park has an accessible boat ramp, a space for community gathering, a paved surface with ample parking for vehicles and boat trailers, a place to drain and clean your boat to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, and a stormwater treatment system. The park was transformed from a dark and muddy backwater to a clean and dry feature for the City of New Ulm to be proud of.