CH 21 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction, Scott County, Minnesota
“This is the first meeting I have been to where I felt heard; not only heard, but listened to—I had my questions answered directly.” Participant of the Corridor Visioning Group ,

CH 21 Downtown Prior Lake Reconstruction

Scott County, Minnesota

The TH 13/CSAH 21 intersection and CSAH 21 corridor in downtown Prior Lake lacks the capacity to move traffic safely and efficiently. It has been studied multiple times over the last two decades without identifying a solution supported by all stakeholders.

While a recommended plan was adopted by the board of commissioners in 2005, significant concerns were raised and major conflicts existed between access and mobility, roadway classification, and community needs. Meanwhile, the corridors remained a barrier in downtown.

Recognizing this history, Bolton & Menk led an innovative and comprehensive public engagement effort using various outreach formats. Our work included a visioning study, the goals of which were to engage the public, build trust between governing agencies and the public, and develop a solution that could be supported by stakeholders. The visioning study was used to level the playing field, start over, and identify important community values.

After several months of identifying and evaluating concepts and engaging the public, a single vision was recommended and adopted. The TH 13/CSAH 21 project has now moved through final design and will be constructed this year.