Car driving down a road drawing
Car driving down a road drawing

Transportation Planning & Engineering

Services Provided

  • Roadway and Trail Network Planning
  • Highway & Street Corridor Planning & Design
  • Intersection Operations & Design
  • Bridge & Structural Design
  • Traffic & Transit Infrastructure
  • Transit & Mobility Planning & Design
  • Bikeway & Trail Planning & Design
  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Plans, Specifications & Cost Estimating
  • Construction Services

For most of us, our day-to-day lives depend upon getting from one place to another safely and efficiently. Properly planned and engineered roadways, intersections, trails, and transit systems contribute greatly to the ease of movement of people, goods, and services.  Our job is to work with communities and evaluate a variety of alternatives to solve their transportation challenges.

Our team will listen, collaborate, embrace challenge, and strategically apply the right tools to meet each client’s needs. Whether traditional or progressive, we let client collaboration lead us to the right solution. These solutions often find a delicate balance between competing interests that are technically feasible, publicly acceptable, economically viable, and environmentally compatible.  Our services are tailored to finding real solutions that help real people achieve their transportation needs.



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