Northdale Boulevard Traffic Analysis, City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Safety was improved along a roadway that provides access to schools and residential neighborhoods.

Northdale Boulevard Traffic Analysis

City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Coon Rapids and Anoka County, in coordination with Coon Rapids High School and Middle School, worked to improve safety along a roadway which provides access to schools and residential neighborhoods. Bolton & Menk completed a traffic study to understand and rectify pedestrian safety issues, vehicle circulation, and traffic backups.

The primary focus was on the pedestrian crossing between the high school and athletic fields, north parking lot access, and the signalized intersection on the east end of the corridor where consistent backups occur. Multiple options were analyzed, including adding bump-outs, relocating pedestrian crosswalks, narrowing the roadway, and installing a median and turn lanes. Intersection and driveway relocation was analyzed to determine if changes would assist in overall safety and operational improvements. This included possible realignment of parking lot access to side streets or elimination.

The recommended alternative consisted of adding left turn lanes along Northdale Boulevard, relocating the existing crosswalk to better serve pedestrians with activated pedestrian signals, installing a median along Northdale Boulevard to improve safety, and revising the High School parking lots to effectively circulate traffic while minimizing conflict.