Principal Arterial Study, Dakota County, Minnesota
The study's outcome established priorities for near-term designation of new principal arterial segments and recommended other segments as future principal arterial highways.

Principal Arterial Study

Dakota County, Minnesota

Dakota County's evolving highway system did not include east-west principal arterial (PA) highways south of CH 42. Similar gaps were observed between north-south PAs. The study looked at the importance of selected highways based on their potential to fit applicable guidance.

Bolton & Menk worked with Dakota County, along with city and township representatives, to evaluate selected highways. The study focused on features they exhibit compared with federal, state, and local guidance on PA characteristics. We also documented context and provided guidance to help the county and its partners plan for both regional and local highway system priorities.

Dakota County's PA study provided a long-term plan for the county's most important non-freeway highways. The conclusions recommended segments of CH 23 and CH 70 in Apple Valley and Lakeville for official designation as PA highways within the coming years.