Aerial view of a river
Aerial view of a river

Water Resources Engineering

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive Storm Water Management Planning
  • GIS Compatible Storm Water Modeling
  • TMDL Assistance and Implementation Plans
  • Water Quality BMP Designs
  • Infiltration, Reclamation, and Reuse Designs
  • DFIRM Mapping
  • Culvert and Waterway Analysis
  • Wetland Services
  • Agricultural Drainage

We live, work and play where you live, work and play. The quality and control of our water is as important to us as it is to you. But it can be easy to take our abundant water resources for granted.

Protection of our water resources requires dedication from state, county, and local entities, as well as collaboration between public and private stakeholders. Through careful project exploration, innovative pollution-reduction strategies, and effective stakeholder partnerships, we can protect our environmental resources now and for years to come.

Control of stormwater runoff and flooding has long been a concern and a key service for Bolton & Menk. By modeling rainfall and flood events, we design ways to prevent flooding. Today’s stormwater projects must consider water quality enhancement, runoff volume reduction, downstream flood impacts, wetland degradation, and increasing urbanization. The increasing complexity of water resources projects requires real, innovative, customized engineering solutions. Bolton & Menk specializes in integrating GIS with modeling, allowing us to be more efficient and precise. We combine theoretical modeling with practical experience to create the most efficient and cost effective designs.

Stormwater Management Systems

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