1 MG Aquatore Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation, City of Blaine, Minnesota
Given the minimal amount of work available to the protective coating industry during the winter months, the project resulted in a very attractive contract bid price that was well under the project estimate.

1 MG Aquatore Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation

City of Blaine, Minnesota

In the tower's early years, the structure's interior dry cone base served as offices for both the water utility and police department. The now abandoned offices needed modification and restoration to more closely resemble the original tower interior design.

Bolton & Menk provided design, engineering, and construction management services for the 1 MG elevated water storage tank/tower rehabilitation. The goal was to keep life cycle and project costs to a minimum, while providing maximum value. Due to the heavily used park nearby and visible high traffic area, a short project duration was a key goal.

The city's water usage and consumption allowed the tower to be empty during winter months so the contractor could perform structural modifications in the late fall and proceed during the winter months. Because of the season, an attractive contract bid price came in well under the project estimate.

The city was not only able to save money due to an off-season work schedule, but was also able to budget the project cost into two separate years of funding.