How We Prepare for Connected and Automated Vehicles

How We Prepare for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Transportation is changing. More than ever before, technology is being added to roads and vehicles for connectivity and automation that will make transportation safer, more efficient, and more accessible. Learn about the five steps your community can take to plan for connected and automated vehicles (CAV) below! 

connected and automated vehicle readiness

For more information on what CAV is and why its important, click here!

ginny crowsonGinny is the director of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Solutions. She is responsible for developing and implementing business solutions, thought leadership, and support for Bolton & Menk’s connected and automated vehicles and smart city initiatives. Ginny brings an inspired strategic vision that drives success and growth in advanced infrastructure solutions. She is passionate about helping agencies understand how technology is shaping the future of transportation and how it can make life even better in our communities. 

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