Making Communities Safe, Sustainable, and Beautiful

Since 1949, Bolton & Menk has been providing public infrastructure solutions for surrounding communities with bright futures, the desire to grow, and a common challenge of aging infrastructure. We are passionate about providing the right solutions to communities that we ourselves live, work, and play in. This is proven in every project we touch, and it all comes back to our driving force: we believe all people should live in a safe, sustainable, and beautiful community and we take pride in our ability to make that happen.

Coffee Break: Episode 1




Living in the Upper Midwest isn’t without its challenges – large amounts of snowfall, frigid temperatures, and icy surfaces are just a few of the reasons many people head south during our seemingly never-ending winter months. We sat down with Principal Engineer Brian Malm over a cup of joe to talk about some of the challenges our engineers must overcome when designing roads for colder climates.

Rejecting Echo Chambers for Project Success

So often we find ourselves in one echo chamber or another, whether professionally or socially. In the context of the civil engineering field, the echo chamber can be a shared frustration with another engineer over how some architect approaches form over function, comfort in what worked the last time versus a different directive, or some seemingly crazy idea a planner thinks is best for the ‘placemaking’. At the same time, specialization of roles has heightened over time.

Full STEAM Ahead

Studies show that STEAM-related topics need to be introduced to children at the elementary level. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is the academic campaign that focuses on introducing curriculum based on these topics to early childhood learners through high school.