A Low Salt Diet: Reducing Chlorides in the Morris Community

High levels of salt in the environment can cause safety concerns in many different areas, from the health of aquatic life and community residents to the functionality of infrastructure. Salt (chloride) enters the ecosystem from many different sources, in Minnesota about 22% of the chloride mass in receiving waters comes from wastewater treatment plants, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). In Morris, Minnesota this problem has been realized, and resolved at the source.

Stormwater Collection and Use For Irrigation




Receding groundwater supply is a concern we all face. By capturing stormwater, it can be used to reduce pollutant discharge, manage excessive runoff volumes, and save valuable groundwater. Innovative surface water and groundwater management strategies can ensure we provide a sustainable water supply for future generations.

Case Study Examples

Coffee Break: Episode 3




Today is Read Across America Day, so we thought it was only fitting to sit down with a few of our children’s book authors over a cup of coffee to learn about their books, inspiration, and what they hope readers get out of them! 

Sustainable STEM Impact in Forest Lake

Forest Lake Area Schools (FLAS) were looking to reduce groundwater use, improve water quality to Clear Lake, and jumpstart an innovative curriculum program that would promote sustainability and STEM education. Forest Lake High School is made up of acres of impervious surfaces, drainage infrastructure, turf grass and natural areas, and a student body that is eager to learn, making them the perfect candidate to host the solution – a stormwater pond.

Bridge and Structural Services




From bridge replacement to repair, rehabilitation, or reconditioning of aging bridges, your bridge solution should be what you need and want. We pride ourselves on providing the right solutions, whether that means using time-tested methods and materials or the latest design innovations and trends.

Discover INPUTiD

Bolton & Menk has designed a customizable web-based public engagement platform allowing stakeholders and the public to provide comments and interact with one another in a visual, user-friendly mapping interface. Users can upload attachments such as photos and documents, and also add points, lines, or polygons as needed.

Learn more with our demo here.

Making Communities Safe, Sustainable, and Beautiful

Since 1949, Bolton & Menk has been providing public infrastructure solutions for surrounding communities with bright futures, the desire to grow, and a common challenge of aging infrastructure. We are passionate about providing the right solutions to communities that we ourselves live, work, and play in. This is proven in every project we touch, and it all comes back to our driving force: we believe all people should live in a safe, sustainable, and beautiful community and we take pride in our ability to make that happen.

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Living in the Upper Midwest isn’t without its challenges – large amounts of snowfall, frigid temperatures, and icy surfaces are just a few of the reasons many people head south during our seemingly never-ending winter months. We sat down with Principal Engineer Brian Malm over a cup of joe to talk about some of the challenges our engineers must overcome when designing roads for colder climates.