Minnesota Council of Airports Recognizes Redwood Falls

Minnesota Council of Airports recognized Redwood Falls’ Bay Hangar as the 2019 Intermediate Airport Project of the Year on April 25 at their annual conference.

Redwood Falls began their exploration of new airport hangars in 2015, as they were only able to accommodate two local businesses with 10 more on the waiting list. After some preliminary work to meet FAA guidelines, Bolton & Menk entered the process by assisting in securing funding and creating a plan that would fit within the budget. 

The design for the hangars included concrete footings, foundations, and floor slab, metal framing and roof, gable construction for 65’ x 65’ hangar bays, single slope construction for remaining five bays, bi-fold strap doors, LED interior and exterior lighting, and firewall construction.

By 2019 the city of Redwood Falls was able to start renting out the hangar space due to civil site work following a schedule of construction of hangars and taxiways, then paving new bituminous surfaces and marking, and finally landscaping.

Since completing of construction, Redwood Falls has relocated two existing renters, accommodated five new customers that had been on the waiting list, gained the ability to increase Jet A fuel sales, and will be able to benefit the city with increased activity.


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