Spring Cleaning:What To Expect Now That The Snow Has Melted

We did it, Southern Minnesota. We endured another winter. Temperatures are getting warmer, birds are starting to sing again, and the sun stays out long enough for us to actually enjoy its company. While I could go on and on singing spring’s praises, myself and my fellow engineers are preparing for the trickier parts of warmer weather. Increased runoff and river water levels, potholes, and an increase in construction are a few of spring’s more unwelcome aspects. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect now that spring has sprung.

Coffee Break: Episode 5




Social distancing Coffee Break is back! To celebrate National Public Works Week, we sat down with an engineer and a planner to learn how they work together to create great places for communities to enjoy.

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The Role of Immigration in Planning

With the important exception of indigenous people, most United States residents today can trace their origins back to other nations. Despite this, immigration remains a controversial topic in many communities. This article provides a brief history of immigration in the U.S., an assessment of its impacts, and suggestions on how planners can address current concerns.

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A Multi-Modal Approach to Safer Communities

Building safe communities entails many different aspects, from sound infrastructure to equity in design, all just as crucial to the success of a community as the next. The benefits of designing and building roads for all cars, bikes, pedestrians, etc. are compelling – improved health, economic savings, and environmental sustainability.  As times change and the communities around us are starting to take advantage of the benefits of walking and biking to their destinations, its essential that our infrastructure supports all modes of transportation.