Video Series

A picture’s worth 1,000 words, but a video is priceless. Our full-service Studio creates all sorts of valuable resources, from informational videos to project highlights and more!

• What’s the Fact about Land Surveying?

What’s the Fact about Land Surveying?

There are many misconceptions about land surveying, so learn more as Janele Fowlds sets the record straight in our next installation of What’s the Fact.


graphic design what's the fact

What’s the Fact about Graphic Design?

Learn some facts about our Creative Studio as Dave Breiter explains the need for graphic design in a predominantly engineering-focused company.


inflow and infiltration

Reducing Inflow and Infiltration

Learn how Bolton & Menk can help determine sources of I&I and identify which remedies will provide the greatest relief for the smallest investment.



Reaching New Heights with UAV and LiDAR Technology

When UAVs and LiDAR sensors are used together, they can collect millions of data points in a project area! Learn how in the final New Imaginations.



If you’re more of a reader, this is the place for you. Check out our monthly articles to learn more about our services, clients, projects, and what makes Bolton & Menk a great place to work.

Public Health and Outdoor Spaces

Promoting Public Health Through Outdoor Community Spaces

COVID-19 shifted the way we connect with people and places. Bolton & Menk focuses on public health with thoughtful outdoor community space design.


How We Use StreetLight InSight® Data to Improve Traffic Safety

Learn how Bolton & Menk uses StreetLight InSight® data analysis to improve traffic safety for client communities, here!


Equity Planning in Community Infrastructure

Building the Equity Table in Community Infrastructure

What does equity really mean, and how does it play a role in community infrastructure? Learn what it takes to equitably plan for your community’s needs.


Rural Community Sidewalk Planning

Rural Community Planning: Making Sure the Sidewalk Doesn’t End

Any community can be successful when it comes to ensuring the sidewalk doesn’t end with rural community planning, policies, and engagement!


Learning Events

We’d love to see you at our next presentation, event, or training! Check out our calendar to see where you can find Bolton & Menk employees sharing their expertise (both in-person and virtually) at conferences, trainings, and events.

salt symposium

Salt Symposium

Bolton & Menk will be hosting the 23rd annual Salt Symposium from August 2-3, 2022. Make sure you’re in the current chloride conversation!


Interactive Tools

Browse through our interactive applications. Visit the job site without ever leaving home. No hard hat required here!

pilot water treatment

Pilot Water Treatment Plant: Interactive Tool

Click here for an inside look at how we use our pilot water treatment plant to provide unbiased results before implementing high-cost treatment solutions.


NexTech project documentation UAV

How UAVs Document Project Progress

UAV videos can be used in all stages of project documentation, from construction to the finished product. See some examples here!


NexTech February

NexTech: Using UAVs for Flood Analysis

Flooding season is quickly approaching, and with it comes unsafe environments that are potentially dangerous for humans to enter. That’s where drones come in.


NexTech January

NexTech: An Introduction to UAV Services

I have a limited budget. Is UAV technology feasible for my community? Absolutely! Here’s how.


For students and teachers

We offer a variety of experiences to students curious about what we do. Whether you are confident in your career choice or just want to test the water, we have opportunities for all levels of experience.

Ned the Natural Resources Specialist book cover

Meet Ned the Natural Resource Specialist

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our children’s book series—Ned the Natural Resource Specialist. Join Ned as he helps his friends, Frank the Forb and Sally the Sedge, learn about his efforts to protect natural wildlife and restore plant communities.

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Intern with us

As an intern you will learn practical on-the-job experience. Intern responsibilities can include a variety of tasks both on the job site and in the office. Click below to learn more about our internship program.

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Job shadowing

Job shadow

Job shadowing is a great way to learn first-hand about a career you’re interested in. Click below to find out how you can spend a day with a member of our team to see if a career in engineering is right for you!

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Sorting through scholarship opportunities can be overwhelming. We pulled an all-nighter and assembled some of our favorite scholarships for engineering students! Click below to check them out!

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