At Bolton & Menk, we believe all people should live in safe, sustainable, and beautiful communities.

Infrastructure systems are fundamentally linked to the extent to which communities are able to thrive.

From small towns to metropolitan areas, infrastructure plays a major role in people’s quality of life. Yet history shows that infrastructure systems have not always done a great job of supporting the needs of all people. In many cases, in fact, the systems have fallen short. Bolton & Menk is committed to a future of equitable and inclusive infrastructure systems design.

Infrastructure systems serving thriving communities are developed through embracing a diversity of people, thoughts, and experiences.

We recognize that everyone has different circumstances, challenges, and needs; people need different resources and opportunities to thrive. Bolton & Menk embraces a diversity of people, thoughts and experiences in both our team and our communities, because we believe that diverse thoughts and views lead to better and more sustainable solutions.

It is our responsibility and privilege to embrace the diversity of people, thoughts, and experiences necessary to develop infrastructure systems that serve all people.

As we continue the legacy of John Bolton and Martin Menk, we are committed to positively impacting the communities we serve, embracing diversity and promoting equity. Bolton & Menk is taking action, providing our team with the tools needed to design infrastructure systems that connect all people in the community with what they need to thrive.

Equity in our company

Bolton & Menk knows a more equitable future begins with our Real People. We invest in both potential and current employees to foster diversity through recruitment, hiring, training, education, and community service. Some examples of our commitment include

  • inclusive recruitment practices to promote and increase staff diversity
  • internships and mentoring to support and train diverse groups of students and young professionals in industry-related careers
  • company-wide staff training to reduce implicit bias
  • firm-supported employee resource groups for women, veterans/military members, and more.
  • ongoing technical education opportunities
  • firm-wide resources to support staff in incorporating equity in their work
  • volunteer paid time off for employees to lend support in their communities
  • support and partnerships with emerging firms having diverse ownership

Workforce Development

Bolton & Menk partners with many schools and universities to establish foundations in STEM careers. We also offer apprenticeship programs, where you can learn and earn on the job. In our apprenticeship programs, you will be matched with a mentor while you learn real-life skills on the job, and also have an opportunity to attend an accredited university for the classroom perspective.

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Small Business Partnerships

Bolton & Menk has forged invaluable partnerships with NEOO Partners and PUSH Strategist, LLC, exemplifying a commitment to community engagement that goes beyond the ordinary. These collaborations have not only enriched community outreach initiatives but have also contributed significantly to the success of major highway transportation and infrastructure projects.

What does our commitment to equity look like in projects?

Community-Centered Design Guide frames Bolton & Menk’s approach to projects – from kickoff to completion. Each section offers different tools and strategies to help guide projects toward community-focused and equitable results. Check our Community-Centered Design Guide in action in the projects below!

Our equity journey

The journey toward equity begins by identifying and discussing inequities within and around us. We are not perfect. We are real people. We understand that inequities exist. We also value positive change and growth.

We are proud of our journey and progress but humbled by the work left to do. We are dedicated to improving our processes and outcomes, educating our team, and training them to prioritize and practice equity in our projects.

We know our journey is not over. We will continue our work and invite you to join us, because we understand that diverse identities, experiences, and ideas lead to better, more sustainable solutions.


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