City of Anoka’s Highway 10/169 Receives GLITE Award

The City of Anoka’s Highway 10/169 Improvements project received the Transportation Achievement Award from GLITE (Great Lakes District Institute of Transportation Engineers) in the Safety category. This award recognizes an engineering project that honors outstanding achievement in transportation and distinguished service to ITE and the District. The award was announced on Thursday, June 13, at the GLITE Annual Meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

We are proud to nominate the US Highway 10/169’s revitalization through Anoka for this prestigious award as this project is a testament to the community’s shared vision and unwavering commitment to progress. Despite facing years of stagnation, exacerbated by significant costs and differing viewpoints, the completion of MnDOT’s corridor study in 2013 marked a pivotal turning point. This milestone fostered a unified understanding among all stakeholders, propelling Anoka into action. 

In 2014, Anoka embraced its role as a catalyst for change, setting out to develop a collective vision that resonated with all involved parties. Their tireless efforts bore fruit, within a remarkably short span of two years, as the city secured $85 million in funding through relentless advocacy, competitive awards, and collaborative partnerships. 

Guided by the principles of community-centric design, Anoka took the lead in infusing the project with local values and heritage. The resulting transformation not only improved connectivity, but also paid homage to the city’s rich history. Through innovative planning, Anoka navigated complex challenges, seamlessly integrating aesthetic elements such as red brick and limestone motifs, further enhancing the project’s authenticity and resonance with the community. 

The commencement of construction in 2022 marked the dawn of a new era, culminating in substantial progress by November 2023. The tangible benefits of reduced traffic incidents, improved connectivity and circulation, and enhanced pedestrian amenities, underscored the project’s resounding success, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic along Highway 10/169 and through downtown.  

Learn more about the City of Anoka’s Highway 10/169 project. 


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