Engineers Without Borders: Supporting a Guatemalan Community 

Engineers Without Borders: Supporting a Guatemalan Community 

In 2022, Bolton & Menk joined Engineers Without Borders as a premier sponsor and as a team of avid volunteers, ready to support the great work Engineers Without Borders has been executing across the globe since 2002.     

After months of preparation and anticipation, three Bolton & Menk engineers (Bob Meurer, Dominic DiVita, and Garrett Bartelt) hopped on a plane to Guatemala, Santa Elena, to finally meet a community they had been getting to know from thousands of miles away, and to continue their work designing a clean, sustainable water system to support the city.  

Back at home, we are excited to use the collected data to aid in our project design and are grateful to the City of Santa Eleana and Engineers Without Borders for welcoming us in this great cause. This project will provide clean water to approximately 130 houses, 158 families, and 780 people.  


If you would like to join Bolton & Menk in donating to Engineer Without Borders and supporting projects in Guatemala, click here

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