Mentorship Program’s Positive Impact

Mentorship Program’s Positive Impact

National Mentoring Month is a widespread campaign to expand awareness around the importance of mentoring, as well as celebrate its positive impact. 

As Bolton & Menk kicks off the new year, we are also kicking off our 2022 mentorship program. From goal setting, expanding professional networks, resource guidance, and so much more, it’s no wonder there are over 50 participant pairs in this year’s program!  

To learn more about the mentorship program we asked a few questions to former mentee, Kari Felland, Proposal Specialist, and Bolton & Menk mentor, Jason Femrite, Principal Engineer.  

Kari Felland: 

Kari Felland

Why did you sign up for the mentorship program at Bolton & Menk?  

I joined the mentorship program shortly after starting at Bolton & Menk to make connections and learn from experienced professionals with a similar career focus as me. As someone just starting out in my career, I’m always interested to learn how other professionals have navigated their careers and hear about the lessons they learned along the way. 

What was/is your favorite part of the program?  

My favorite part of the program was getting to know another employee on a different level than I would by simply working in the same office. I appreciated having dedicated time to sit down and chat about anything from career goals and values to families and favorite Netflix shows.  

What are the benefits of Bolton & Menk having a mentorship program? / What are some things you’ve learned as a mentee?  

It’s beneficial to learn from someone you might not have otherwise and have deeper conversations. I also learned more about the history and ins and outs of Bolton & Menk, like how the marketing work group got started and branched into the funding work group too! It was also eye-opening to know that someone wants to learn from me as a mentee as well! I felt like the program fostered an equal relationship where we could both learn from each other.  

What was the best advice you received from this program?  

Some of the best advice I received had to do with work-life balance and finding ways to recharge after stepping away from the desk at the end of the day—especially while working from home. I was fortunate to live in the same city as my mentor, so we also talked about finding a community post-graduation and fun restaurants/shops to visit.  

How has the mentorship program enhanced your professional skill sets?  

The mentorship program gave me resources and connections to help me navigate and feel supported in my career at Bolton & Menk. I gained a role model and connection within the company that I can go to with questions or for advice. 

Jason Femrite:

Jason Femrite

Why did you sign up for the mentorship program at Bolton & Menk?  

I love to interact and share ideas and passion with fellow staff members.   

What was/is your favorite part of the program?  

I have been a mentor for a number of years and my favorite part is that sharing ideas, passions, and philosophy goes both ways. I feel that I get as much out of the relationship as the mentee. I have never gone into the relationship with any agenda or key talking points- I love to make it very conversational. As we get to know each other, the discussion topics will reveal themselves. 

What are the benefits of Bolton & Menk having a mentorship program?  

This is becoming a large company and the ability to interact with people around the company makes us all understand other offices and people better. 

What was the best advice you’ve given/received from this program? 

I received a very heartfelt handwritten message from my mentee about how our relationship and discussions have impacted them. That was very impactful to me and that is why I volunteer as a mentor. 

What skills have you been able to gain from being a mentor?  

I enjoy the opportunity to share my passion about this career with fellow co-workers. Being a mentor for Bolton & Menk gives me that opportunity to spread the reasons that I relish coming to work every day. I like bringing out professional skills and expressing those technical aspects to our clients in ways that others can understand!   

Interested in joining a company with a mentorship program that can make a positive impact on your career? Check out our open positions and see if there’s a fit for you!

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