Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction, City of Richfield, Minnesota

Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction

Lyndale Avenue is a major north/south corridor running through the City of Richfield, extending from the City of Bloomington, south to Richfield, and continuing into the City of Minneapolis, north of Richfield. The Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction project begins at 76th Street, two blocks north of I-494, and extends to 66th Street. Lyndale Avenue serves as a prominent corridor for commercial and residential traffic as well as pedestrians.

Bolton & Menk provided preliminary engineering, final design, and construction administration services for Lyndale Avenue. The project included evaluating the corridor to balance mobility, access, and multimodal improvements, as well as improvements to public utilities. The corridor was a four-lane undivided urban roadway with concrete walk at back of curb. The corridor had deteriorated pavement; aging watermain, sanitary, and storm sewer facilities; outdated pedestrian features; and safety issues related to access management.

The project included a strong public engagement process. Through stakeholder engagement, we gathered input from residents to better understand the concerns and desires for the corridor. Stakeholder engagement helped to better identify corridor needs and shape the overall concept for the corridor.

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