Country Hollow Lift Station Rehabilitation, City of Eagan, Minnesota

Country Hollow Lift Station Rehabilitation

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City of Eagan, Minnesota


The Country Hollow Lift Station was an aging wet well/ dry well “tin can” lift station that needed replacement. The lift station was located between two homes; therefore, the project needed to be coordinated with residents and look aesthetically pleasing. Bolton & Menk provided design services to replace the existing wet well/dry well station. Due to the tight space constraints, it was determined to reuse the existing precast wet well as the new submersible station. The structure required some minimal maintenance on the interior and a new top slab with new hatch cast into the slab. A new precast valve vault was designed along with an electric utility service and new control cabinet with fiber optic for SCADA communications. This design minimized the amount of excavation required and disruption to adjacent residents. Final landscaping was completed, including plantings and a maintenance-free fence. The Country Hollow Lift Station was upgraded with new equipment and now meets the city’s design standards and is easier to operate and maintain.

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