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Water & Wastewater Engineering

All communities need clean water. Our mission is to make sure you have it – for personal use like drinking and swimming as well as environmental benefits for animals. We have in-house experts dedicated to water and wastewater treatment, bringing a highly specialized team to local communities and industries to clean, conserve, and protect local water supply.

The cost of quality water and wastewater systems can be overwhelming; our team works hard to find the best-value option and funding support. We will team with you to really understand your needs for today and tomorrow.

Our relationship-based engineering methods have allowed us to design some of the most advanced and first-of-their kind treatment facilities in the country. We plan and design systems and processes to exceed regulatory requirements, meet capacity demands, and easily maintain, collect, and treat water and wastewater in a practical, cost-effective approach.





Named one of the very best workplaces in the States of Minnesota and Iowa! We’re proud to rank in the Top 50 on the list, and even prouder that we were voted in by our own employees.