Water System Improvements, City of Morris, Minnesota

Water System Improvements

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City of Morris, Minnesota

In 2012, an NPDES permit to the City of Morris required a reduction of chlorides from their wastewater treatment facility. The city hired Bolton & Menk to help address the issue.

Our team evaluated the wastewater treatment needs as well as potential water treatment facility improvements. We recommended a lime and soda ash softening water treatment facility to treat the chloride at the source. By providing softened water to residents and businesses, the need for individual ion exchange softening decreased significantly, resulting in less chloride discharged into the Pomme De Terre River. While the environmental concerns drove the regulatory requirement, the project’s additional benefit was replacement of an aging, 40-year-old water treatment facility.

The new facility meets the EPA and Minnesota Department of Health’s Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards and reduces the treated water supply hardness by 90 percent. Chloride concentration to the WWTP is reduced from 830 mg/L to 355 mg/L, well below the limits.

  • Salt Symposium – 2020 Chloride Reduction Leadership Award


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