Pilot Water Treatment Plant: Interactive Tool

Pilot Water Treatment Plant: Interactive Tool

The pilot water treatment plant is a portable, state-of-the-art, small scale water treatment facility owned and operated by Bolton & Menk for more than 25 years. The trailer is laid out to help explain water treatment and wastewater filtration options to cities prior to full-scale construction. It features flexible configurations, including gravity filters and membrane components to conduct testing for a variety of treatment options. The system provides real world conditions to optimize filter type, media selection, and chemical feed. We provide unbiased results for treatment solutions. 

Check out this video for an inside look at just how we use our pilot water treatment plant to ensure the proper technology and components are selected during final design before implementing high-cost treatment solutions.  

If you enjoy an internet connection of at least 75 mbps, check out the interactive version! 

For more information on our Water & Wastewater Solutions and pilot water treatment plant success stories, click here! 


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