South Elevated Tower, Spencer Municipal Utilities, Iowa

South Elevated Tower

Icon of Spencer Municipal Utilities, Iowa

Spencer Municipal Utilities, Iowa

The City of Spencer’s existing south tower was damaged and required replacement. The damaged tower was not in operation and the city wanted to get a new tower online as soon as possible.

Bolton & Menk provided preliminary and final design and construction services for a replacement tower. SMU wanted to install a similar sized tank near the existing tank. SMU decided to proceed with a spheroid style tank to replace the existing multi-legged tank. The tank was installed at the same height as the existing tank and the exterior coating was designed as a three-coat system.

Bolton & Menk completed the design and assisted with obtaining the necessary permit from the Iowa DNR. We also assisted with routing of existing telecommunication equipment for SMU and Verizon. The tank was constructed in 2019 and officially brought online in 2020, restoring a critical asset for SMU and the City of Spencer.

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