How We Use Drones and LiDAR 

How We Use Drones and LiDAR 

Drones and LiDAR technology, more commonly known as laser scanners, collect data more accurately and efficiently by integrating the two technologies. Bolton & Menk’s professional surveyors and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified remote pilots use this latest technology to collect multiple data points for analysis. Separately, drones and LiDAR are incredible, but together, they create a powerhouse of data in one project area.  

How We Use Drones and LiDAR Infographic





Man in purple shirt smiling at a cameraKyle Mullen began his GIS career in 2016. As an FAA-certified remote pilot, he focuses on developing UAV-related services. Additionally, he handles much of the data processing for advanced mapping and photogrammetry needs, data analysis, and database development. Kyle is passionate about being able to educate both internal staff and clients about the different ways they might be able to use UAV technology. 


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