Geographic Information System

Services Provided

  • GIS Technical Services
  • Python Development for ArcGIS Platform
  • GIS Needs Analysis and Implementation Planning
  • GPS Infrastructure Data Collection
  • Internet and Mobile GIS Solutions
  • 3D GIS Visualization
  • UAV/Drone Services

Our Geographical Information System (GIS) team provides a deep understanding of geospatial tools to help our clients perform their work more efficiently, saving time and money. We have a passion for solving problems and extending access to information that is both beneficial and a necessity for our clients. Bolton & Menk is the premier GIS provider to local government agencies, and it is our understanding of local government that places us in a unique position to integrate the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions. Whether a community is interested in developing new GIS initiatives or finding ways to maintain and enhance its existing systems, Bolton & Menk brings its team of Certified GIS Professionals (GISPs) to the task. Bolton & Menk has a team of licensed remote pilots that make obtaining terrain data from an aerial perspective highly efficient. As clients’ needs change, we continue to add services and push our capabilities to the technical limits in order to stay on the leading edge.

GIS is an essential tool that combines mapping and database technology that improves integration between departments, breaking down silos, and can be used as a tool to improve transparency and open government between all departments, other agencies, and the public. The use of GIS as a tool for an interactive experience helps to facilitate public outreach and engagement with stakeholders and residents. With so many benefits, GIS continues to be incorporated into all facets of our organization.

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