New K-12 School, Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop School District

New K-12 School

The Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop (GFW) School District was planning for the design and construction of a new K-12 school. The location of the new school was locally known for its unrelenting wind fetch, which was an issue during winter months as it caused snow to blow onto and across TH 19. The copious wind thrusts and snow drift made this site a safety concern for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, which prompted the district to take action.

Bolton & Menk began remedying these issues by looking at the project through our highly innovative Low Salt Design lens. Our team
Added multiple vegetative shelter belts in and along the perimeter of the site to help protect the school from the harsh winter winds
Modified the ditch width and shape to better contain the snow drift that would’ve previously blown onto TH 19
Altered school access points and parking lot locations to better facilitate travelers moving to and from the site
Prevented slippery conditions by redesigning the parking lot and access points to minimize snow melt from moving across the pavement
Identified snow storage areas and altered lot features to ease snow plowing operations
Adjusted the building’s shape and door locations to make better use of the sun and offer more protection from the wind
By making adjustments to design and concentrating on four-season solutions, Bolton & Menk created a safer site plan for the new school, putting GFW stakeholders and residents’ minds at ease.

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