Structural Services

Structural Services

  • Bridge & Building Design

  • Expansion & Renovation

  • Retaining Walls

  • Foundation Design

  • Piping & Equipment Supports

  • Conditions Assessment

  • Load Rating & Analysis

  • Existing Conditions Evaluation

  • Incident, Fracture & Emergency Damage Inspection

  • Coatings Inspection

Bolton & Menk’s structural experts understand the unique attributes of structures in your community and are quipped to deliver analysis, studies, plans, and recommendations for a variety of project needs. Our inspections, ratings, designs, and repair recommendations focus on providing the safe, sustainable, maintainable, and beautiful infrastructure our clients have come to know and expect. Our innovative thinking and tailored approach allow us to bring solutions as unique as each client we serve. Our services will keep your structural infrastructure functioning at its very best.

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