Brand integrity is important to us. Summarized below are simple guidance for our partners and peers to support us in our brand consistency endeavor. We request an approved Bolton & Menk logo be present in all digital or physical materials where our likeness is represented. It is essential to use the logo* as per the guidelines provided below without making any alterations to the font, color, or proportions. The Bolton & Menk logo consists of the circle/tripod graphic, our name in its customized font style, and the tagline, “Real People. Real Solutions.”

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The color version of the logo is always preferred when color is an option. It must be produced with the color formulas listed here.

Bolton & menk logo full color

PMS #349

CMYK values: C90 M12 Y95 K40

RGB values: R0 G105 B56

Hexadecimal (web use): 006938


CMYK values: C0 M0 Y0 K100

RGB values: R0 G0 B0

Hexadecimal (web use) 000000


The black (or grayscale) version should be used only when color is not available.

Bolton & menk logo grayscale


CMYK values: C0 M0 Y0 K100

RGB values: R0 G0 B0

Hexadecimal (web use) 000000


The logo should appear in all white when it must be used on black or dark colored backgrounds.

Bolton & menk logo reversed

Clear Space

White space is important to help separate the logo from other visual elements and to help give it visual importance. Maintain a minimum clear space around the logo equal to the circle’s radius. Never allow any other graphics or type to invade the clear space.

Bolton & menk logo clear space example

Minimum Size

The logo is designed to reproduce well at almost any size. However, to ensure that it is legibly and accurately reproduced, the logo may not be printed or otherwise used in a size smaller than 1” horizontally. EPS (vector art) should be used when scaling.

To maintain legibility, the tagline should not be printed smaller than 6pt. type. If the tagline gets smaller than 6pt. type or is illegible, drop the tagline.

The Bolton & Menk letter forms and circle tripod graphic have been custom designed. Both the text and the graphic are unique. Do not attempt to redraw or recreate them.

Bolton & menk logo minimum size example

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