Infrastructure Project Impact on Economic Stability

Dear Client Friends and Industry Partners

Bolton & Menk believes that all people should live in a safe, sustainable, and beautiful community and we take pride in our ability to make that happen, even in times of uncertainty. Like you, our top priority is beating COVID-19, and we have adjusted our business practices to work towards that end.

We also recognize the important role that infrastructure projects play in the stability of the economy. We are working both internally and with industry partners to assure projects proceed uninterrupted in a manner that is consistent with best practices provided by public health officials. State and regional agencies are moving forward with projects and we will continue to work at full strength as we closely monitor the spread of the virus and the impact it may have on our employees and our clients.

Over the past several years we have implemented business practices that support projects moving forward without the need for face-to-face interaction. These include:

Although construction job sites are not densely populated work areas, we are also reviewing and supporting measures recommended by other industry partners to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during construction operations. The Association of General Contractors ARE committed to keeping projects on track and have developed guidelines to keep jobsites safe. AGC Guidelines Linked Here

As an industry, we understand our responsibility to work with all our partners to deliver infrastructure projects. We know these are challenging times and many viewpoints exist as to how we should be responding to COVID-19. We are certainly all aligned in support of defeating this virus. At the same time, we want to assure you that the engineering community, including Bolton & Menk, and the contractor community are prepared and committed to keeping infrastructure projects on track to support economic stability and growth for as long as we are allowed to do so.

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