Jim Mertz Named 2023 Founders Award Recipient

Jim Mertz was named the recipient of Bolton & Menk’s 2023 Founders Award. Jim is an Associate GIS Project Manager in Bolton & Menk’s Raleigh location.

Jim began his career in 2011 and has served in a variety of project roles, including project management, GIS project development, UAV services, multimodal transportation planning, public engagement, and safety and mobility analysis. He is also heavily involved in the firm’s business development efforts in our Southeast region, building relationships throughout both North and South Carolina. Jim believes that the power of technology can help create more sustainable communities. A problem-solver at heart, he is passionate about providing creative solutions using a broad array of technological resources.

“My father has been a mechanic all his life and wouldn’t teach me how to change oil in my car – he wanted me to get a great job, and I have a great job here at Bolton & Menk,” Mertz said. “I first want to credit our leadership and the fact that a GIS guy could receive this award. [Vice President/COO] Kreg Schmidt always says ‘there are a lot of smart people who work for this company and some of them just happen to be engineers.’ I think that shows exactly why we all show up at Bolton & Menk every day. There’s no chance I could be here without all the smart people who have helped me get to this point in my career.”

The Founders Award, presented annually, honors the firm’s founders, John Bolton & Martin C. Menk. It recognizes an individual’s initiative, commitment to quality and client satisfaction, as well as other outstanding contributions to the success of the firm. John and Martin believed that a business is truly successful when people are committed to its goals, represent the firm well in their community, and are dedicated to meeting client needs.

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2023 Founders Award Winner Jim Mertz and Bolton & Menk President/CEO Bradley DeWolf

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