MnDOT Aeronautics Funding Update

For State Fiscal Years 2014-2017, MnDOT Aeronautics increased the amount of State funding available to Airport Sponsors. The increase was applied to Maintenance and Operations and Airport Improvement Project funds. Increases were as follows:
Maintenance and Operations
  • Previously funded 2/3 State; 1/3 Local
  • SFY 2014-17 funded 3/4 State; 1/4 Local

Airport Improvement Projects

  • Previously funded 70% State; 30% Local for NPIAS Airports
  • SFY 2014-17 funded 80% State; 20% Local for NPIAS Airports
  • Previously funded 80% State; 20% Local for State Airports
  • SFY 2014-17 funded 90% State; 10% Local for State Airports
For State Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019, MnDOT Aeronautics will establish State participation rates during the State’s biennial budgeting process. MnDOT Aeronautics staff encourages Airport Sponsors to contact their Regional Engineer to offer an opinion on State participation rates for the next two fiscal years. MnDOT Aeronautics anticipates identifying future rates by the end of August.

For additional information on MnDOT Aeronautics Funding Update, contact Aviation Project Manager, Silas Parmar.

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