FEMA Community Rating Systems Keeps Communities Safe

FEMA Community Rating Systems Keeps Communities Safe

Flood events  across the country  can destroy communities, leaving them with a laborious rebuilding process. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed a Community Rating System (CRS) that rewards participating communities for implementing enhanced floodplain management standards. This program allows participants to earn credits for minimizing flood risks, therefore reducing risk of damages, insurance costs, and premiums. Programs like the CRS help communities stay safe and protect assets from unpredictable flooding through education about hazards they might be vulnerable to.

“I have seen firsthand how floods have affected the lives of my neighbors, destroying their homes and belongings, and displacing their families. Participation in the FEMA Community Rating System helps reduce the number of people impacted by floods and educate those choosing to live in the floodplain about the risk and insurance options available to them to mitigate that risk.” said Adrian Holmes, P.E., CFM, project manager at Bolton & Menk.

Watch the video below to learn how to outline the steps to help protect your community against flood damage.

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