Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (Girl Day) was proclaimed 15 years ago by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in collaboration with I.B.M. and the National Engineering Week Foundation. This day is to inspire and introduce young girls to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) professions, so they can learn about the engineering world and how they fit in.

We sat down with two of our own engineers to discuss Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, and the things that led them to a career in STEAM.

The best way to “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” is to become a role model. Diverse role models can inspire both girls and boys from all communities and backgrounds.

Discover Engineering has these tips for being a role model in STEAM:

  • Talk with a child about engineering
    Sometimes one interaction can change the course of a child’s future.
  • Visit with students online or in-person
    In as little as 45 minutes, you can tell the students about your job, how your work makes a difference, lead a hands-on engineering activity, and answer their questions.
  • Be a mentor or judge
    Mentors and judges help students see the wonders of engineering as they create cities of the future.

In just one day, you can make a difference by sharing your knowledge, experience, and have some fun!

About the two engineers in our video:

Hannah Dasyam is a water resources graduate engineer whose professional career began in 2021 at Bolton & Menk. Her responsibilities include conserving, protecting, and ensuring access to clean water for local communities. Hannah’s passion for protecting and sustaining natural resources, including lakes and rivers, allows her to mix work and fun every day.

Kelsey Retherford has served as a transportation design engineer since 2015. Her primary responsibilities include traffic analysis for intersection control evaluations, corridor studies, and planning and preliminary design projects. Client satisfaction is a top priority for Kelsey, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure projects are done right. She enjoys creating quality products for clients and strives to show information in a way that is easily understood by everyone.

To view more questions we asked Hannah and Kelsey, in conjunction with the Minnesota Academy of Science’s FORSE (Fostering Opportunities & Relationships in STEM Education) program, click here.


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