Muscatine Tipping Floor Project Earns Iowa Concrete Recognition

The City of Muscatine’s Solid Waste Transfer Station Tipping Floor Resurfacing project has been awarded a 2023 Excellence in Concrete Award by the Iowa Ready Mix Concrete Association in the Repair and Restoration category. The award is given to an Iowa project that demonstrates excellence in preserving, rehabilitating, restoring, or reconstructing a building or structure involving the use of concrete in preserving its features, function, and use. The city received this award at the Iowa Better Conference on Thursday, November 9.

The City of Muscatine’s solid waste transfer facility provides a hub for moving waste from the urban area to its landfill. Originally constructed in 1994, its continual use of pushing trash into the truck hopper with heavy equipment had eroded the floor surface. The original floor was constructed with a 14-inch thickness and two layers of reinforcement set on concrete foundation piles. The floor’s erosion removed more than 6 inches of concrete and much of the top layer of steel reinforcement, becoming a hazard to both workers and the public dumping trash and compromising the structural integrity of the floor.

The city originally contacted specialty floor material suppliers to find a repair option, but the materials proposed by these companies were cost prohibitive. A cooperative effort between the City of Muscatine, Bolton & Menk, and Hahn Ready Mix developed a ready mixed concrete design alternative, providing a durable, quick-to-install, and cost-effective repair option to maintain the essential public service this facility provides.

Bolton & Menk’s design purposely specified materials and methods to streamline the construction process, while the city, contractor, and ready mixed supplier worked collaboratively to schedule every step of the process. Maturity testing indicated sufficient strength had been achieved approximately 8 hours prior to the scheduled facility reopening. The completed bonded concrete overlay blends seamlessly with the surrounding concrete. This project reconstructed the deteriorated tipping floor of the City of Muscatine’s solid waste transfer station, ensuring safety and stability for those using the facility.

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