Hopkins - 2018 Street & Utility Improvements

Project Summary

The project involves street and utility reconstruction improvements including storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer replacement along the streets bound by Blake Rd, Highway 7, Texas Ave S, and Lake St NE.

A map of the project area is shown below. The project will be constructed in multiple phases over the summer of 2018 by the City’s Contractor.

The project also consists of various construction activities throughout the City. This work includes sanitary sewer rehabilitation on several city blocks.

Project Status, Schedule & Updates

The assessment role for the City of Hopkins was adopted by City Council at the Public Assessment Hearing held on May 15th, 2018. Also at this meeting, the contract was awarded to S.M. Hentges & Sons, Inc. Hopkins property owners have received a separate letter with the final assessment total. St. Louis Park property owners will not be assessed for this project.

The final interest rate for the Special Assessments has been determined. Payments can be made without interest until July 31, 2018. Payments can be made with interest between August 1 and November 29, 2018 before going on property taxes. The interest rate is 4.904%. Questions regarding special assessments can be directed to the special assessment clerk, Mary Lein at 952-548-6310.

Construction is underway! Please see Construction Updates for more information on the construction schedule.

Project Contacts

Josh Hrabe, of Bolton & Menk, Inc., will be on the project site representing the City and its residents and business owners. If you have any questions regarding specific on-site questions or issues, you may approach him on site or call his cell phone at 612-965-2473 or joshhr@bolton-menk.com

Josh will typically be on-site or nearby to assist you.

Nick Amatuccio, of Bolton & Menk, Inc., is the Project Engineer and a resource for residents and business owners. If you have any questions regarding construction or the project in general, you may contact him at (612) 965-3926 or nickam@bolton-menk.com

Mike Waltman, of Bolton & Menk, Inc., is the Project Manager overseeing the project.

He can be reached at (952) 890-0509 or (612) 221-6946 or mikewa@bolton-menk.com

Eric Klingbeil is the Assistant City Engineer for the City of Hopkins.

He can be reached at (952) 548-6357 or eklingbeil@hopkinsmn.com.

Joseph Shamla is the Senior Engineering Project Manager for the City of St. Louis Park.
He can be reached at 952-924-2552 or jshamla@stlouispark.org

Construction Updates

A phased construction schedule has been proposed by S.M. Hentges as shown in the Phasing Map at the bottom of this page. The following is an overview of the upcoming project schedule.

Work Completed this Week, November 19 - November 21

  • Concrete sidewalk was poured on the remainder of the project.
  • Concrete driveway aprons were poured on the remainder of the project.
  • Concrete Steps were poured at several properties throughout the project.
  • Sod was placed on the rest of Murphy Avenue and most of Lake Street.
  • While sod was placed throughout most of the project, some areas received temporary mulch stabilization for the winter because the temperatures are too cold to cut anymore sod. The contractor will be coming back in the spring to place sod where temporary mulch was used for the winter and to fix any imperfections in the sod that was placed recently. Individuals properties that are receiving sod or temporary mulch now will also receive a notice in their door to go over further details.

Remaining Work

  • All remaining asphalt driveways will be paved on Monday along Lake Street and Murphy Avenue.
  • Street signs will be installed early next week throughout the project.
  • Clean-up work will continue this fall but there will be some clean-up work that will occur in the spring as well.
  • Striping on some of the roads is scheduled to occur in the spring when the temperatures are warmer.


This will be the final construction update for 2018. Updates will be sent out in 2019 prior to spring clean-up work with information on that timing as weather allows. This work is anticipated to begin in April or May.

Should property owners have any questions about this information or the project in general, please contact Josh Hrabe at (612) 965-2473.

Nick Amatuccio can also be contacted with questions about the project at (612) 965-3926.



Q: How long will it take to complete this project?
The project is scheduled to begin in May or June and be substantially completed in October/November, 2018. The project will be broken up into phases so that not every block will be under construction at once.

Q: What work will be done on the project?

  • Replacement of the sanitary sewer system along all of the Hopkins Streets.
  • Replacement of the watermain system along all of the Hopkins Streets.
  • Replacement of sewer and water services along all of the Hopkins Streets.
  • Storm sewer replacement throughout various locations in the project area.
  • Street pavement reconstruction along Texas Ave S, Division St, Cambridge St, Oxford St, Murphy St, and Lake St NE.
  • Pavement rehabilitation of the existing asphalt alley south of Lake ST NE and west of Texas Ave S.
  • 5 ft concrete bike lanes on both sides of Texas Ave S.
  • 5 ft concrete sidewalk on the east side of Texas Ave S. 

Q: Will streets be closed during the project?
During working hours, 7 AM to 7 PM M-F and 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturday as necessary, some access will be restricted as the street is under construction. The City will work with the contractor to minimize the duration and extent of closures.
Q: Is there someone I can talk to about specific construction related issues or concerns at my property?
Nick Amatuccio is the Project Engineer and can be reached at 612-965-3926 or nickam@bolton-menk.com.
Josh Hrabe of Bolton & Menk is typically on-site during construction and will be serving as a liaison between property owners/residents and the contractor. Leading up to and during construction, Josh can be reached at 612-965-2473 or joshhr@bolton-menk.com