Helicopter Support and Foundation Plan, Martin County Veterans Memorial, Minnesota

Helicopter Support and Foundation Plan

Icon of Martin County Veterans Memorial, Minnesota

Martin County Veterans Memorial, Minnesota

The veterans committee acquired a Bell Cobra – Rotary Wing Attack Helicopter to be put on permanent display at the Martin County Veterans Memorial site. The helicopter was to be supported by a steel structure elevated approximately 10 feet off the ground. The City of Fairmont required a structural engineer to analyze and design the structure to ensure the public was not at risk once the helicopter was placed.

Bolton & Menk donated structural services to the veterans committee. We analyzed the unique shape to determine the possible wind pressures the structure would have to resist, and then designed the appropriate support structure to display the helicopter in the same way the veterans committee envisioned.

The veterans’ memorial now proudly displays the helicopter for the public, completing their vision for the internationally famous Bell Cobra Helicopter. 

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