Strategic Plan Update, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority

Strategic Plan Update

In the ever-changing world of transit, the strategic plan is a critical tool to help make decisions about service and investments as well as the impact of regional decisions. MVTA’s strategic plan was out-of-date and rarely used. Several significant changes had occurred since adoption of the original plan, including service area expansion, key staff changes and retirements, and new leadership with the selection of a new executive director. MVTA needed a new strategic plan – one that included refreshed goals and objectives and provided guidance for short- and long-term decision-making.

Bolton & Menk facilitated a half-day visioning workshop with the MVTA Board of Commissioners and staff. With the information gathered at the workshop, we helped craft new mission and vision statements and updated goals and objectives. Bolton & Menk designed a visually appealing final document with high-quality graphics and developed an online story map to share the strategic plan.

The strategic plan is a comprehensive, usable document that provides flexibility to develop work plans and adjust to external factors and customer needs. Goals and action items will help measure progress and influence decisions consistent with MVTA’s long-term mission and vision.

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