CSAH 22 (55th Street) Extension and CSAH 33 Reconstruction, Olmsted County, Minnesota

CSAH 22 (55th Street) Extension and CSAH 33 Reconstruction

Olmsted County needed a project partner to complete a complex highway reconstruction and bridge project in a manner that minimized county staff involvement. The $32.8 million CSAH 22 (55th Street) Extension project was complex, with an aggressive schedule that required full oversight, testing, and verification services to ensure project objectives were met.

Our team understands large, complex, and high profile projects require experienced construction administration staff to assure compliance with state requirements and communicate effectively with the public to address concerns quickly and efficiently. We oversaw documentation of all construction activities over the course of two construction seasons. We also provided full-time construction administration, field oversight, construction staking, materials testing, and plant monitoring.

We assembled a project team that provided technical expertise to ensure the project was in accordance with state aid and county standards and effectively communicated with the contractor, county staff, and the public. The project was completed on time. Bolton & Menk provided documentation to ensure construction and material quality measures met all state and local requirements.

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