Bridgewater Community, Bay Tree SC, LLC

Bridgewater Community

This project is a redevelopment of the Baytree golf courses into a large-scale mixed-use residential and commercial development. The project site is a 500+ acre tract located in the Longs community of Horry County near North Myrtle Beach. The initial zoning effort was a hard-fought battle lasting more than 10 months. The zoning was approved, and the project moved forward. Unfortunately, the recession caused such poor economic conditions that the developer abandoned the project. The project remained dormant for six years until new investors purchased the property. With a new vision, it became apparent that the development would need to go through another rezoning effort to facilitate the changes made necessary by the real estate market and the desires of the client. The request was recommended by staff, approved unanimously by the planning commission, and at third reading was approved 10 to 1 at county council. The Bay Tree/River Grand project clearly shows Bolton & Menk's ability to carry projects through political adversity and provide our clients with the zoning required for successful development.

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