High Street Drainage Improvements, City of Marshalltown, Iowa

High Street Drainage Improvements

Marshalltown is in the process of building a new police and fire station. As part of public involvement for the new building the community brought up concerns regarding flooding adjacent to the proposed building site. The primary route for emergency vehicles heading west was along High Street. There were concerns about flooding and the ability for emergency vehicles to pass during rain events.

Bolton & Menk performed a large drainage study of the area. The study recommended a series of improvements to help reduce localized flooding. At study conclusion, we completed design plans for implementation of the recommended improvements. As part of new larger storm sewer being installed, the associated streets needed reconstruction. Bolton & Menk worked with city staff to evaluate the existing pavement and develop an approach to pavement maintenance along the project route. Based on the evaluation, there were various street improvements recommended, ranging from complete reconstruction to milling/patching and overlay.

The City of Marshalltown now has a safe roadway for emergency vehicles that will not be affected during large rain events.

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