Construction on the 18th Avenue NW (CR 112) Reconstruction Project will begin on 9/11/17. All further project updates and information throughout construction will be posted on the City of Rochester Public Works website. Click here to access this site.

18th Avenue NW, also known as County Road (CR) 112, provides a critical connection in the growing northwest portion of Rochester. As the community has grown north to 55th Street and beyond, the traffic on 18th Avenue has also increased. The areas along 18th Avenue have undergone much evolution as this growth has occurred, yet the roadway has largely remained unchanged. Today, the 2-lane rural highway is lined with residential development, churches, and other commercial properties. There is a lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities to serve the newer demands in this corridor. In addition, the roadway lacks turn-lanes at many high volume intersections where residents gain access to adjacent residential developments.

This 18th Avenue NW (CR112) Reconstruction Project will convert 18th Avenue NW, from 37th Street to 55th Street, from a “rural highway” feel to an urban roadway inviting multiple users. The City of Rochester has contracted with Bolton & Menk, Inc. to identify a range of alternatives to provide long term improvements along the 18th Avenue corridor. The map below provides more information about the project.

The 18th Avenue NW (CR112) Reconstruction Project is planned for construction in 2017.

Click here for a location map of the project.

Click here to view the detailed project layout.

map of corridor