Downtown Lighting, City of Red Wing, Minnesota
With maintenance issues and a lack of consistency, Red Wing's downtown lights needed replacement.

Downtown Lighting

City of Red Wing, Minnesota

The downtown area of Red Wing had an old electrical lighting system. The city was experiencing issues with lights falling over, lights in need of repair, and lights that did not match lighting recently added along TH 61. With current maintenance issues and a lack of consistency throughout downtown, community leaders felt that all downtown lights should be replaced.

Bolton & Menk developed cost estimates to replace the lights and offered suggestions for the placement of additional lights. To help facilitate the project, our GIS work group used ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online to compile and share data to the cloud, enabling a collaborative experience for all team members and city staff to be able to share data, maps, and information. Field staff used Collector for ArcGIS to gather field data and photos that were used to provide answers to missing data. The solution of a cost estimate provided appropriate direction based on the city's needs and offered opportunities to efficiently light the downtown area in a cost-effective manner.